You are a creative being, it’s what you are!

You can paint.  And an intuitive painting practice can enrich your life in many ways.

Are you just starting to think about getting creative?

You don’t need any previous experience to begin making intuitive art.  You can create meaningful and symbolic artworks to adorn your walls and to share with others.  Intuitive painting is a practice of getting to know yourself better, while adding beauty to your world!

Do you already make art but feel constricted or tight in your work?

An intuitive painting practice can help loosen you up and change your approach to risk when you are creating, bringing more life to your work.

IMG-20160722-WA0002Hi! I'm Tracy.
I’m a self-taught intuitive mixed media artist, advocate of handmade lives and fosterer of creative experiences!

To me, making art is a quest to know more & look deeper. I work intuitively with colour & line in a range of mediums, including acrylic paint, oil based pencil, oil pastels & ink. I begin with an emotion, or an enquiry into myself and allow freedom to the idea to develop of its own accord.

Thoughts & feelings follow one another onto my canvas in the form of symbols, marks & colours. Slowly, over the course of many layers, a message or story from my unconscious unfolds onto my canvas. I observe the marks & symbols that appear, taking note of ideas that form in my head as I paint.

Either during the course of a painting, or once I have finished it, I take the notes I have made and and look at the symbols and imagery and decipher the message it contains.  This is similar to the way that you  may look at the symbolism in your dreams to understand what it means.

Each of my paintings are part of the visual journal of my quest to know more & look deeper.  I see them as talismans, imbued with the power and meaning of the marks they bear.  They are each an opportunity to grow and develop in my understanding of myself and the world.

Expressing myself intuitively through art has opened up many doors for me.  Doors that I didn’t know existed, let alone had the keys for.  I feel like I’ve discovered a secret, that we all know but sometimes forget!

Add creativity for a more meaning-filled life. I've written a tutorial about starting an intuitive painting practice that I'd love to share with you.


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