Hello!  I'm Tracy.

I'm an artist, a creative catalyst, and a believer in the powerful force of creativity to transform lives.

To me, making art is a quest to know more & look deeper. My painting process is spontaneous. I work intuitively with colour & line in a range of mediums, including acrylic paint, oil based pencil, oil pastels & ink.

I begin with an emotion, or an enquiry into myself and allow freedom to the idea to develop of its own accord. Thoughts & feeling follow one another onto my canvas in the form of symbols, marks & colours.

Slowly, over the course of many layers, I make sense of the tale unfolding on my canvas. I observe what appears, read the meanings of the symbols and imagery, taking note of ideas that form in my head as I paint.

A painting is finished when the narrative is complete and I have understood the message it contains. Each painting is part of the visual journal of my quest, talismans imbued with the power and meaning of the marks they bear.

My paintings contain lessons, messages or maps from my unconscious (like dreams do). They are, in my mind, each an opportunity to grow and develop in my understanding of myself and the world.

Come and explore with me!

Creative Self Expression shop imageI have recently begun teaching  creativity workshops in my home/studio on Blue Moon farm, just outside Stanford, and also in Cape Town, at Oude Molen Eco Village.

The process that I teach in the workshops is aimed at getting creativity flowing.  We are all creative!  We were born that way.  But some of us, somewhere along the path of our life, forget how to draw on that precious resource.  We become overwhelmed by life, duty, commitments and forget ourselves along the way.   Becoming creative helps us reconnect to our hopes, dreams and opens up a world of infinite possibility!
Self expression is about letting ourselves out!  Finding and coaxing out the bits of us that are buried and forgotten.  Waking them up, dusting them off, and allowing them a form in this world.  Allowing ALL of ourselves out into the world is a brave step, but it creates the space for wonderful transformation. 
You don't need any experience to take my workshops.  
Both of the venues I teach in provide a lovely setting and intimate workshop space.