my calling is to inspire others to unleash their creativity with intuitive art,
for fun and personal transformation

I work with people who want to make art but don’t know how to start,
and those who feel creatively blocked.  

If you yearn to enrich your life with meaning and colour but due to past experiences and personal beliefs you lack the confidence to make art, read on.

Intuitive art is a process of remembering who you are, taking that information and using it to craft your very own handmade life that honours your deepest truths and desires.  

No experience is needed to start.  You are creative and you can paint!

"Anyone who has ever had an artistic inclination, but was stifled by circumstance, should do this. A totally unique, original approach to the canvas. Do it and you may well be extremely surprised of what you are capable of achieving. It's not just the standard 'learn how to paint' lesson. It is a true inspiration. I attended Tracy's workshop 3 weeks ago and finished with 2 creations, which were by no means Monet, but still vastly exceeded my artistic expectations of myself. Do it, do it, do it!"

Karen McKee, Stanford



who is tracy?

I am a self-taught mixed media artist and creative catalyst who has experienced the transformational power of intentional creativity through my practice of intuitive art.  My journey to art began in my thirties and changed the trajectory of my life.

To me, making art is a quest to know more and look deeper!

My painting process is spontaneous.  I work intuitively with colour and line in a range of mediums, including acrylic paint, oil based pencil, ink and oil pastel.  Each painting is part of the visual journal of my  quest.  I think of them as talismans, imbued with the power and meaning of the marks they bear.  Each one contains a lesson, a message or a map from my unconscious, an opportunity to grow and develop in my understanding of myself and the world.

Over the past few years, making art in this way has helped me know who I am and what I want from life.  I have regained my creative power and rebuilt my life in a way that honours who I am.  I do what I love and what I am passionate about!  Life's too short to do anything else.

Tracy Algar || Artist & Creative Catalyst


I was born in Cape Town in 1971, the eldest of four daughters and a rebellious soul from the word go.  If everyone was doing one thing, I was keen on trying the alternatives.  I'm an experimenter.  I learn best when left to myself to research and explore.  That's how I came to be living here in the beautiful Overberg, painting and sharing the practice of intuitive painting with others...

I was in my mid-thirties and had recently moved back to Cape Town when I felt inspired to make art.  I knew that it was what I wanted to do, I could feel it in my soul.  But my inner critic was seriously dubious about the whole idea!  She pretty much banned me from setting foot in an art supply shop!  So I went to the scrapbooking shop next door and bought some stuff instead.  I made a few scrapbook pages with stick-on stuff and pretty paper, and was reasonably pleased with them, but this was not what I was looking for.  I wanted more from my self-expression!

A few weeks later, I made it into the art shop!  I walked in and nearly died when the really friendly lady behind the counter asked me if she could help me.  What did I want?  Could she help  me?  I said I just wanted to have a look.  I'm not sure if she said anything else because all I could hear was my inner critic again: "She probably thinks you're some kind of middle-aged wannabe artist!"  "I am!" I replied, "why is that a bad thing?"  "Because you have no talent and you're never going to convince anyone, least of all me, that you are an artist!"  I bought some pencils and a small sketch book.  

Finally I plucked up the courage to take a class, and then another, and another.  I took a mixed media workshop, a series of pencil and charcoal drawing lessons, joined a watercolour group for a while and then took an evening class in illustration that I dropped out of because I found it to commercial, which wasn't what I had in mind.  I'm not sure what I had in mind, but that wasn't it!

Then I went back to mixed media and had another go. After looking at lots of art on the internet and discovering different techniques for using the different materials,  I had some ideas on how I wanted to proceed.  This time, although I was influenced by the work and ideas of others,  instead of following someone else's instructions I began to experiment.  And that's how I stumbled on the process that I use in my own work and that I share with others.  It is made up of lots of ideas that I've taken and tried and brought together to provide me with a process that works for me, and can work for others.  It's a process that allows freedom of expression, happy accidents and a deeper knowing of yourself.

“The point of art is not simply to express ourselves, but to create an external, concrete form in which the soul of our lives can be evoked and contained.”
-Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Jungian psychotherapist & storyteller

Solo Exhibitions

Mother Nature, Jeanne Retief Hair Studio, Stanford, Overberg

Untitled, Millstone Farmstall & Cafe, Pinelands, Cape Town

Group Exhibitions

Pop-up exhibitions @ Moon & Bird studio: June, October & December 2016
With Hugo Prinsloo, Jean Jonker, Val Myburgh, Sanette du Toit, Su Wolf and Charmaine Lacock.
Through The Looking Glass Gallery, 21 Queen Victoria Street, Stanford
Okkie Smuts Primary School Art & Wine Auction, Stanford Valley Guest Lodge, Stanford

The Stanford Local Art Harvest, Stanford Harvest, Stanford

Listen to the oystercatcher


I am self-taught with no formal art education.  I started drawing in 2009, and painting in 2012 at the age of 40.  I have painted over 150 paintings in the past four years.


I am NOT a psychologist or a formally trained artist. The purpose of advice given here and in my workshops is to introduce you to intuitive art, a creative practice that can help to highlight areas where you are impeding your own progress in creating a fulfilling life.  Please use my advice along with your own common sense.  Take what serves you and leave the rest. Intuitive art does not cure anything, it is one of many paths that lead to a more consciousness life.  It is NOT a replacement for professional therapy or counselling and if you are seriously stressed, anxious or depressed, please consult a mental health professional.

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