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Great big moving sale

I'm getting ready to move into my new Stanford village studio at the end of the month and that means it's time for a clear out. My GREAT BIG STUDIO…

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Into The Shadows Week 5

What do you know? This is the final prompt for Into The Shadows challenge. This week's prompt will give us the opportunity to finish what has been a difficult journey…

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Into The Shadows Week 4

Camera Obscura Welcome to week four of Into The Shadows.  This week has been the most difficult one of this challenge for me so far and I have resisted it…

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Into The Shadows Week 3

What does your inner child need to know? Welcome to the third week of Into The Shadows.  Thank you for all the interaction in the Moon & Bird FB group and on…

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Into The Shadows – week 1

Right here! Right now! Welcome to the first week of Into The Shadows intuitive art challenge. How you choose to take this challenge is up to you. Use the prompts as the…

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