Into The Shadows is a free intuitive art challenge

Into The Shadows Week 2

Into The Shadows is a free intuitive art challenge

What do you need to feel safe?

Welcome to the second week of Into The Shadows.  Thank you for all the interaction in the Moon & Bird FB group and on Instagram last week. It’s been so inspiring to me to see you all embracing this shadow work. 

If this is your first time here and you are interested in taking up the challenge, please visit this link for more information.

This week's prompt...

Last week we allowed feelings to come up, paying special attention to “unacceptable” or “bad” feelings. We honoured those feelings and acknowledged them by making a piece of art (a tangible, visible form of those feelings).

Think for a moment about  someone you deeply love and care about, and how you would respond to their difficult feelings.  How would you want to help that person? How would you show them that they have your support and love?

As you move through this week’s artwork, I want to you apply those same responses to yourself, and to your shadow self.  Be encouraging.  Show love.

Into The Shadows intuitive art challenge with Tracy Algar

Now, ask your shadow self what it needs to feel safe enough to come back into the light? The question that you ask yourself can be as specific to you as you want it to be.

The question is directed at the part of yourself (the “unacceptable” or “bad” feelings or desires) that has hidden itself away, rather than at your conscious self.

Use your intuition to add colour and marks to the surface you are working on and ask the question as you paint, or actually add the question in words to the piece of art that you are making.

Keep asking the question as you follow your intuitive prompts to find the answer. Try not to “figure this out” for yourself, but rather just allow the answer to reveal itself slowly and don’t censor anything that comes. 

As the artwork progresses, pay attention to the symbols and feelings that appear.  This is where you will find your answer.

Some of you who are taking this challenge have expressed some doubt in their abilities to tune into your intuition.  This has prompted me to share a little bit more of my process this week in my painting. Here are some of the stages that my painting has gone through.

Into The Shadows work in progress
As I followed my intuition, something that looked like a crow began to appear on my canvas. What also stood out for me here was that my question had become the words "to feel enough".
Into The Shadows work in progress
I thought about the qualities of the crow and added some of these qualitites in words to the painting. I also decided to look up the symbolism of the crow and some of these to the canvas.
The quality of the crow that spoke most poignantly to me was its ability to see well from a great height. I felt that I needed a bigger perspective to allow this shadow to come into the light.
Into The Shadows work in progress
Not everything on the canvas felt relevant anymore, so I focused in on what did seem important.
And then things really started to flow.
Into The Shadows work in progress
And I became the crow.

I am still working on this painting, and will share the end result later this week in the Moon & Bird FB group. I am already feeling the benefits of this exercise even though it’s not completely resolved for me yet. I feel that my perspective is broadening and I’m beginning to understand that this is what this shadow needs to become an integrated part of my life.

Into The Shadows - a free intuitive art challenge

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