If you've wanted to start making art but your perceived "lack" of talent and creativity has prevented you from realising that dream...

I have something to tell you, I have been there.  I have felt lost, confused and too scared to start for fear of messing up or "wasting my time" on an unrealistic dream.  Forcing my way through those feelings and experimenting with art from a different perspective has taught me valuable lessons.

I now feel strongly that I would like to share what I've learned with women who are in the place that I was in seven years ago.  I share it because I want to offer you hope, tools and a process to focus your intention, nourish your creative spirit and inspire you to delve deep into your colourful inner world with intuitive art.

Claiming your creativity

I have experienced the disempowering belief that I was not creative.  I've also learned along the way that my belief's were misplaced They came from being told by a teacher when was 10 years old that she didn't know why I bothered.  I know that you are creative, even if you don't.  I will guide you through rediscovering your creative spirit as we begin to make art together.

Here's what I am offering you

I would like to guide you through my personal creative process, sharing what I've learned along my journey.  I would like to offer you personalised coaching as you begin your creative journey with intuitive mixed media art.

If you've not started in the past because you've felt afraid to, that's okay.  If you've started, but given up, that's okay too.  We will work together through a non-judgemental process to get past the icky feelings, but honouring them and understanding them too, so that they aren't quite so fearsome!  There are no mistakes in creative self-expression and everything is allowed.  We'll follow intuition as a guide, and allow changes of direction and new stories to appear.

The  emphasis of intuitive art coaching is on fulfilling your desire to make art. We will, however, have the opportunity, over time if you would like to, to delve a bit deeper into the self-discovery and transformation side of intuitive art making.  Together we can explore the different ways that you can use intuitive art as a tool to enrich your everyday life.

What you will get from intuitive art coaching

You are on your own creative journey.  You already have everything you need to make meaningful, beautiful art.  My job will be to walk alongside you with a big toolkit of ideas, prompts and encouragement.  I will pick the appropriate tool and hand it to you when you need it.  Here is how it works.

  • Weekly two hour sessions in my studio near Stanford, one-on-one.  These two hours together will be where you can ask questions, share breakthroughs and express frustrations.  I will paint alongside you creating two paintings as you create yours, over a period of 4 weeks.
  • Practical guidance to create your first two intuitive mixed media paintings. 
  • Prompts to continue on your own between sessions.
  • The option to continue for another 4 weeks, at a discounted rate, or to book an 8 week package up front.  The second 4 weeks will be spent exploring four different ways to approach intuitive art for self-discovery.  Whether you complete a painting a week, or start 4 paintings to continue at your leisure is completely up to you and depends on how much time you have and how quickly you work.
  • Access to all resources on my website.  

Cost and how to apply

Cost for 4 weeks of intuitive art coaching - R1200.00

Additional 4 weeks of intuitive art coaching - R1000.00

Cost for 8 weeks of intuitive art coaching - R2000.00

The links below can be used to pay for your preferred number of sessions.  Please note: It is important that you contact me first to book your sessions before you pay for them.  I only take two coaching clients at any given time.  

Click on the button below to book your intuitive art coaching sessions.

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  1. Complete the form above.  Once I have received it, I will make contact with you to schedule your coaching sessions.
  2. Sessions must be paid for on confirmation of booking.
  3. Are there additional costs?  You will be responsible for buying your own art supplies.  I will send you a supplies list that will list suggested art materials for our sessions.  What you choose to buy is up to you.  We can work with what you have.  Minimum requirement is acrylic paint and 2 sheets of watercolour paper or stretched canvasses.
  4. What if I need to reschedule a session?  If you need to reschedule our weekly session,  please contact me at least 24 hours before the session if possible.  Please be on time for your sessions.
  5. What kind of time and energy commitment do I have to make? Any creative pursuit requires your full commitment to yield results.  This process also requires a willingness to learn to look and listen differently and will push you out of your comfort zone.
  6. What can I expect from Intuitive Art Coaching? Once a week for four or eight weeks (depending on how many sessions you have chosen), we will meet at my home/studio for your two hour session.  I will guide you through my creative process, answer your questions and provide you with many helpful tools to start your intuitive art journey.    The sessions will provide the time for discussion, demonstration, and plenty of painting.  Please note that intuitive art coaching is NOT psychotherapy or counselling.  We will focus on creative self-expression and self-discovery through art.
  7. I will listen carefully to your creativity and art related challenges and suggest appropriate tools and practices for you to try.  Each session will allow time for a review of triumphs and challenges of the previous week.  At the end of each session, we will chart the creative invitations of the next week and set creative goals.

Trying to decide if Intuitive Art Coaching is for you?  Ask me a question.

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