Intuitive Mixed Media Art Workshops at Moon & Bird Studio, Stanford, South Africa

In a Creative Self-Expression workshop, I will guide you through a process that doesn’t need experience or special skills to get started, and that will help you to reconnect with your innate creativity and  intuition.

I want to inspire you to have a go, experiment and discover your voice.  This is YOU expressing yourself, there is no right or wrong way! Through demonstrations, exercises and plenty of one-on-one time,  I will work with you to reignite your creative spark and discover your own artistic form of self-expression.   I believe you are creative and that you can paint!

Upcoming workshops

This is the final studio workshop for 2017.  I am going to be taking a break from running scheduled weekend workshops in 2018.  If you are interesting in working with me to begin an intuitive mixed media art practice, I will be teaching 1-on-1 classes in Stanford from January during the week, and online 1-on-1 classes from March.  More information available soon.

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