From the beautiful Overberg region of South Africa (and sometimes further afield)

UK artist Matthew Burrows started the #artistsupportpledge to support artists and makers during Covid-19. Here’s how it works:
Every time an artist makes R10,000 (or GBP1000 or $2000) in sales, they pledge 20% on buying the work of another artist participating in the #artistsupportpledge. Anyone can take part, and anyone can sell art. The only proviso is that the artwork should not be priced higher than R2,000 (GBP200 or $200). The artworks can be seen on Instagram using the hashtag #artistsupportpledge.

I am participating in the #artistsupportpledge, please follow me on Instagram to see what work I have available for sale.


Painted collage landscapes 

I go out into the landscape to make sketches with paint, PITT oil based pencil and watercolour pencils / crayons.
I’ll spend an hour or two outdoors creating six to ten sketches that I take home and recompose into painted landscape collages.

My work is available for sale directly from me, or at selected outlets in the Overberg.


Abstract Landscapes on canvas 

These artworks are painted en-plein air on the beaches and cliffs of Hermanus and surrounding areas. They are painted in layers with acrylic paint, Pitt oil based pencil, lots of scratching and scraping with a carpet blade or my palette knife. Occasionally I’ll finish my paintings off back at my studio in oil paint, but more often than not, I’ll complete my painting outdoors in acrylic.

My work is for sale directly from me, or from selected outlets in the Overberg.

I have my painting! You really had it packed very well, thank you very much. At the weekend I will hang it up.
I wish you all the best. Next time I’m in South Africa I’ll visit you again.
Dr Birgit Thurow-Kronig



My work is available from the following outlets:

Alternatively, you can contact me directly to find out what works are available.


Queen Victoria Street
(next to Graze)

1892 Spookhuis

Mosaic Private Sanctuary
Wortelgat Road

The Zesty Lemon

Sir Robert Stanford Estate


Painted Landscape Collage Demos & Mini-workshop

I am not teaching painted landscape collage workshops in 2020, so I’ve got something else for you instead, and it’s free! Watch my demo videos and download the Painted Landscape Collage mini-workshop ebook. Getting outdoors to paint is inspiring and good for you. I can’t recommend it enough.


I am an abstract artist who creates energetic and gestural, but still considered and carefully structured landscapes and seascapes, real and imagined.

I have an strong desire to share the essential “gasp”-like feeling of immersing myself in the landscape and experiencing the energy of place in a visual way.

Painting the landscape allows me to see and experience more of it when I go out painting on the beaches, cliff paths and valleys of the Overberg.

I hope that by my expression of how I see and feel about the place that I am in, I can bring some of the energy of beautiful places to those who resonate with what they see and feel in my work.

I live in Hermanus, a seaside town on the south coast of South Africa that is famous for whale watching and has a cliff path with fantastic sea and mountain views in all directions. It is a priviledge to live here and explore the landscapes and seascapes on my doorstep by painting outdoors as much as possible and going for lots of walks.

Kleinrivier Lagoon Collage by Tracy Algar

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Kleinrivier Lagoon Collage by Tracy Algar

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