Artist Statement

Tracy Algar @ Hermanus New Harbour

Since I moved to the Overberg in 2014, I’ve been drinking in the landscapes with my eyes. There is so much beauty here, one of the reasons that I chose this place to come to. I am inspired by the mountains, the plants, the natural shapes all around me.

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My art is feeling art. I am not trying to make realistic representations of anything I see. I experience my landscape and want to express how it feels to be there. There are hints of the colours and shapes that I see.

I use marks and colour to represent the energy or feeling of a place. How it feels to be there rather than what it looks like. Some of the marks are random and some have a specific repetitive form. They are my marks, representing the way I see and feel things.

I work spontaneously in colour and line. I choose my colours not because they are the colours of the landscape that I am painting, but because the colour represents how I feel in the landscape.

Time happens in layers, all at the same time, stretched out over history. In my representations of landscapes, I use layers of gestures, colour and marks to express emotions, energy, connection and experience in different moments in time. Each layer reveals more in its colours and shapes about how I connect to the landscape and how it connects back to me.