Abstract Landscape Collage

One night last week we went down to Hermanus New Harbour just before sunset for me to do some sketching and for Arthur (the reason I’ve got so into outdoor painting lately) to take some photographs.

Next time I go to the New Harbour to sketch, I’m going to take a fold-up chair along, because as you can see in the photographs above the bench is rather grotty and looks like it’s been used extensively as a chopping board for bait.

I brought home five little sketches that I created standing up with a little clipboard as my drawing board.

I ripped these sketches up to create the two collages below in my sketchbook. Watch the video above to see the process.

If you are interested in joining one of my abstract landscape sketching and painting workshops in Hermanus, please click here for more details.

THE WINTER SALON with friends & faces

1 – 30 JUNE 2019

The Art Gallery Hermanus
6 Royal Lane / Cnr of High Street

The month of June sees the four resident artists who run The Art Gallery Hermanus sharing their gallery space with four guest artists (also Hermanus locals) to present The Winter Salon with friends & faces.

The opening event will be on Saturday 1st June 2019 at 5pm.