The Do-Over Project

The Do-Over Project by Tracy Algar

“I think I’m painting a picture of two women but it may turn out to be a landscape.”

-William de Kooning

Painting intuitively means that I never really know how it is going to turn out. Often during the process of painting, I turn the canvas over, or take a completely different direction half-way through the painting. I’m used to this process and it doesn’t surprise me in the least, I’ve been painting this way for six years.

But I have been surprised recently by a big change in the way that my paintings look. My style has changed, dramatically. I am not able to paint the way I used to at all. My eyes are seeing things differently and there aren’t any eyes in my paintings any more.

I’m looking at some of the paintings that I have lying around my studio now, and feeling an urge to change them, to do them over to fit with how I’m feeling and seeing now. So I’m embarking on a course of action that I am calling The Do-Over Project.

I have begun to “do-over” some older paintings. Here is the first one that I have completed.

Mother Nature was an experiment. I was given an old frame and print on canvas by my parents, and I painted directly onto the canvas and frame. It was the centre piece of my first solo exhibition in Stanford in 2016.

Mother Nature exhibition, Stanford 2016
Mother Nature is the one with the blue frame in the middle.

It didn’t sell. For the past two years it has been gathering dust in my studio, and then…

Song for Maeve - original art by Tracy Algar
Song for Maeve is the first painting tackled for my Do-Over Project.
Four Faced Beast by Tracy Algar
Four Faced Beast – painted in early 2018

Update (April 2019): I’ve completed a second do-over painting. It was called The Four Faced Beast and I painted it during a difficult emotional time.

Read more about this dark painting and what the symbolism means on Kassi Martin’s website. Kassi is an intuitive artist and counsellor who believes that our art teaches us what we need to know about ourselves.

I decided to paint over this painting after I had learned what I needed to from it. I turned it on its side and it became an abstract landscape about the experience of living in Stanford village.

Stanford Village is an acrylic and mixed media abstract landscape. 100 x 40 cm.

I will be announcing my do-over projects before I tackle them to give my collectors a last chance to buy existing paintings before I destroy them to create something new. If you want to be kept informed, please sign up to my email list.

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Giving away a piece of original art

Don't sweet it under the carpet Original acrylic mixed media painting by Tracy Algar
Don’t sweep it under the carpet
Original acrylic mixed media painting by Tracy Algar

I’ve made an artwork especially to give away to one of my email subscribers on the 1st of November.

It’s called “don’t sweep it under the carpet” and it’s one of my new more abstract pieces that I’ve felt drawn to painting lately.

This piece is about keeping it real.  Saying what you mean. Doing what you say. Not pretending. Being authentic.

There’s been a change in the way I’ve been painting over the past couple of months.  It’s taken me a little while to start feeling comfortable with the change, and to understand what is happening.

I don’t feel the need to analyse the work too much. I don’t need to understand the symbols and have a story reveal itself to me. I am working more from a moment in time, a fleeting feeling or emotion.

My intuitive process begins in the same way, but I’m not trying to focus it in any one direction as the painting progresses. It’s looser. More joyful. Less serious.

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All change! Butterfly moments & save the date(s)

Moon & Bird Art House, Stanford, South Africa

Moon & Bird Art House, Stanford, South Africa
Moon & Bird Art House, Stanford

This is a public service announcement. I am currently undergoing a plethora of changes. I think I may be slightly stuck in pupal stage at the moment, so I’m hanging in there for my butterfly moment. My green parka jacket and kudu leather veldskoene from Swakopmund have grown around me like a cocoon.  And it’s cold out.

As would be expected in any pupa’s life, there will be butterfly moments coming up really soon (more about those below). In the meantime I’m getting my house in order (literally and on the internet), setting up a website for Moon & Bird Art House and migrating some of the content from this site over to that one.

Please forgive me in advance for missing pages, or trouble finding or logging in to anything.  I am trying to do it all with as little disruption as possible, but sometimes that doesn’t go according to plan.  If you have any problems don’t hesitate to email me.

Without any further ado, here are my anticipated butterfly moments for July:

Fri. 6th July 2018 sees the grand opening of Moon & Bird Art House with a gallery exhibition.  The opening starts at 5pm and includes my latest work and work by Siobhan Twomey and Sara Abbot.

Did I mention I was feeling calm?

Yes. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I am touching wood with my forearms (the underneath side) as I type this so here goes… Everything is falling into place quite nicely, even though there have been a few hiccups.

Sat. 28th & Sun. 29th July 2018 will be the first Creative Self-Expression workshop this year after a six month break. There are five spaces available as we have a little bit more room in my new studio (yay!)

The workshop is open for booking.  If you are interested and want more details, click here.

Mon. 20th & Tues. 21st August 2018 I will be holding the second Art Marketing Workshop for artists. There are six spaces available for this workshop.

The workshop is open for booking. Please click here for more info.

As befits being in pupae mode, here are the “before” photos. After photos to follow in another post after at least one butterfly moment.

Moon & Bird Studio, Stanford
This is my studio from the garden. All those windows let in lots of light.

Before photos of Moon & Bird Gallery
This photo is looking through one of the gallery rooms to where my studio is. The photo was taken before my things were in the studio.

Moon & Bird Studio - getting set up
My studio is the one part of the place that’s looking functional. But I haven’t been in there to paint yet.

The rest of this month is all about getting set up and fully functional. See you on the other side.