Starting 2018 with 1-on-1 intuitive art sessions

1-on-1 intuitive art sessions with Tracy Algar

Join me in my studio for an intuitive art session

Starting again in July 2018, intuitive art sessions are available.

This year, I will not be running any scheduled intuitive art workshops from my studio. Instead, I am offering 1-on-1 intuitive art sessions in my home studio in Stanford, running over four or eight weeks, for two hours a week.

The sessions are guided by the same process that I teach in my online intuitive art workshop, but with more opportunity to tailor the time to meet you exactly where you are on your creative journey.

For more information about my 1-on-1 intuitive art sessions, click here.

Where? My studio just outside Stanford in the Overberg, South Africa.

Who? Anyone who wants to make art, from complete beginners to experienced artists who just want to learn to loosen up a little with their process.

When? One two-hour session a week for four or eight weeks.

How much? R1200 for four sessions, R2000 for eight sessions.

Click here to book.

1-on-1 intuitive art sessions

2 thoughts on “Starting 2018 with 1-on-1 intuitive art sessions”

  1. Hello Tracy I am an intuitive artist in England musing about ways to do one on one intuitive art workshops, and if anyone was doing what I had in mind to look at for encouragement. After reading lots of things that weren’t what I meant, I came across your website and immediately love your tone of voice ! 🙂 it’s lovely to see you doing well as an artist and also inspiring and encouraging to see a real life template of the kind of thing I’d like to do. It’s very nice to meet you – I have just found you on Instagram – all the best -Beth

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