Altered Book Intuitive Art Journal Challenge

This altered book intuitive art journal challenge is a year of self-discovery and making art. It's a free challenge and you can join at any time in 2017.

Take a journey of self-discovery  as you create an altered book art journal.

The point of getting to know yourself better is to create your BEST life, a handmade life where choices are made from a place of empowered authenticity.  Intuitive art is a revealing way of working with deep questions about who we are and what we desire.  It can connect our unconscious desires to our conscious world and put it all in perspective.

How to join the challenge:

  1. Go to my Artist’s Resources page to download the free intuitive art ebook.

 The Simple Guide to Intuitive Mixed Media art can be used in conjunction with the monthly prompts.

2. Join the Moon & Bird Facebook group to share your pages, ask questions, and meet others on the same journey. 

You may join the challenge at any time.

If you'd like to be kept updated with new challenges and other arty stuff sign up to my monthlyish email below.

I write a monthlyish email with peaks into my studio, new art, and invitations to events and exhibitions. Let’s keep in touch!
Workshops will be starting again in July 2018. I’ll email you as soon as I have set the dates. 

What you will need to take up the challenge:

  • 3-6 hours a month
  • An old hardcover book.  If you don’t have one lying around, try a charity shop.  It doesn’t matter what size it is.
  • Acrylic paint
  • A few paintbrushes
  • Pens. Any and many.
  • Any other pencils, pastels, inks or paints that you have and want to use.
  • Magazines, wall paper samples or other interesting papers for collage elements.

How the challenge works:

For each month of the challenge we will focus on one aspect of ourselves.   Each month I will give you three questions or tasks, each with a series of prompts to guide your art making process.

To find the answers to the questions, listen to your intuition.  Make a double page spread for each question.  There is no need to start at the front of your book and work your way to the back, just open up and get painting. Pick one question or task for the month if you are short of time, or do all three.

How to approach the challenge:

When you are painting and drawing, try not to think about the painting.  Rather keep bringing your mind back to the questions that you are asking yourself, allowing yourself to feel the emotions that the thoughts bring up, being alert for flashes of symbol in your mind’s eye, listening to your intuition for prompts and acting on them.

You will feel a small urge to pick one colour over another, a feeling that a certain colour should be next to another.  A word or phrase will pop into your head.  If you feel the desire to, write it on the page.  Don’t be afraid.


When you sign up for my monthly art email, you will be given access to a page of free downloads, one of which is called A SIMPLE GUIDE TO INTUITIVE MIXED MEDIA ART. These prompts will lead you through making an intuitive artwork and can be used in conjunction with the monthly prompts in the challenge if you are just starting out with art and intuitive painting. 

There is no right or wrong way to do this, so try to suspend judgement of your page and work intuitively with the prompts that you are given.  Some of the prompts are specific and some are vague and left open to your interpretation.

This altered book intuitive art journal challenge is a year of self-discovery and making art.  It's a free challenge and you can join at any time in 2017.
This altered book intuitive art journal challenge is a year of self-discovery and making art. It’s a free challenge and you can join at any time in 2017.
Altered Book Journal Challenge
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15 thoughts on “Altered Book Intuitive Art Journal Challenge”

  1. I am so excited to start. I love your ideas and ways to tap into that secret part of us that we buried for ‘safe keeping’ over the years until one day when we try to find it… we have managed to bury ourselves so deeply under the blankets and folds of our alternative creation that we can forget where we put that little spark, that creative tool… the ‘me-driver’ 🙂

    1. Hi Kareen, it’s optional to join the FB page. All the prompts for this challenge are published monthly and links added to this page. Glad to have you with us.

  2. Do you prime your book pages before starting? I have had some problems in the past depending on the book. I was curious about your process.

  3. Hi Tracy,

    What a wonderful site you have, love your intuitive work! Is there a journal challenge in 2018 also? can I join? thanks for your answer.
    greetings from belgium

    1. Hi Ilse and thanks for the kind words. I will be hosting an intuitive art challenge in April (starts on the 2nd). If you are already signed up to my email newsletter or in the Moon & Bird FB group, I will be sending/posting information there about how to join.

  4. Hi Tracy

    I have just found you on Pinterest. Are you doing the Intuitive altered book starting in April 2018

  5. I just found you. The challenges sound great. I hadn’t realized they were completed in 2017.

    It looks like something new started in April 2018. Is there a specific starting point or can you join in at any point?

    1. Hi Paula, thanks for your comment. Both last year’s challenge and the one that we’ve just completed in April are available to take at any time. Hope to see you in the Moon & Bird FB group. x

  6. oh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouTHANKYOUthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou….I lost my creative mojo 6 months ago, and it feels to me I may be able to recover, nay..resurrect through your beautiful work and generous offerings x THANK YOU x

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