Massive catch-up spanning the last 10 months

A look back at painting in 2019

Last year was a fascinating one. So much was different. I moved from Stanford to Hermanus, and began painting different things. The change was welcome. I expanded my circle of artist friends, experienced new places and was drawn to painting in the outdoors rather than in my studio. It was what I needed, at the time.

It was enjoyable to experiment with a different way of painting, new mediums and alternative vistas. I loved being involved with the vibrant and bustling First Friday Artwalk that Hermanus galleries lay on every month. I met a very special group of women artists and thoroughly enjoyed being part of a beautiful artist-run gallery.

But when 2020 started, before any of us were thinking about COVID-19 in this part of the world, I began to feel my focus moving inward again. I just experienced my first Christmas holiday season in Hermanus, which to be honest was rather hectic, and I needed a rest.

I stopped painting quite as much and I started to feel hesitant about running painting workshops.

2020 brings new desires

Despite my hesitation to run workshops, I arranged one for January but decided that I wanted to have it in Stanford, not Hermanus. Looking back at this decision, it seems clearer now that I was beginning to yearn for the small village life again, and the beautiful mountains through my window.

In February, I spent a windy evening at the Stanford Sunset Market, and that same evening made the decision to move back. On the way home in the car (I wasn’t driving) I started to look at rental listings on my phone. Within a week, we’d found a suitable home and started making the preparations to move at the end of March.

About 10 days ahead of the move, life changed drastically. South Africa was going into lockdown. If we waited until the end of March to move, we wouldn’t be allowed to. We made arrangements to move on the day before the lockdown went into effect, and in the interests of safety, decided to do it all ourselves without any help.

It was one hell of a day, and I was so glad when it was over and we were safely installed in our new Stanford home. I still have one black fingernail and one black toenail to show for the efforts of that horrible day, although I thankfully didn’t lose either nail and the marks are slowly growing out.

Settling into my new studio

After months in lockdown I suppose it’s no surprise that I want to paint inner stories again. After my year of painting landscape art outside in Hermanus it feels like coming home in many different ways to Stanford and my more narrative style of intuitive painting.

There are so many stories to process and express in the current world pandemic situation. An endless supply of emotional subject matter.

I’m painting over some older paintings that have been niggling at me over time, a few new ones and finally getting to a few unfinished works on paper, found at the back of a drawer when we moved.

What’s next?

Lots more painting and a new online intuitive art workshop by the end of the year.
More YouTube painting videos. I have started making studio videos to share on YouTube. I’ve totally forgotten how to edit, but I will learn that again, and take better notes.

If you haven’t seen them yet, here are a series of videos I made out and about in Hermanus and in my studio there.

The next series of videos is in my studio in Stanford. I’ll be uploading the first of those in a week or so.

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