New creative projects in 2020

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Artist in the wild | 0 comments

Looking back at 2019, it was a pivotal year for my life and my art. I moved to Hermanus, completed my evolution from intuitive painter to landscape artist, and began teaching painted landscape collage workshops at The Zesty Lemon near Stanford, and on the Cliff Path in Hermanus. As the year progressed, I joined The Art Gallery in Hermanus (resulting in needing to produce a lot more art) and got more involved with our “family business” (but more about that a little further down the page).

As 2020 started, I had the opportunity to make some decisions about the direction that I want to take this year, and I’ve finally come to some conclusions about what I want to be doing. Read on for news about what I’m doing this year.

Painted Landscape Collage mini-workshop ebook

After teaching just one painted landscape collage workshop at The Zesty Lemon this year, I’ve decided not to teach any more art workshops for the time being and to concentrate on my other endeavours instead.

For those who hoped to join one of my workshops this year, I gift to you a mini-workshop in the form of an ebook that briefly outlines my process and I hope will be enough to go on if you’d like to give painted landscape collages a try.

Art Sales & Exhibitions

I will continue to paint outdoors and create my painted landscape collages as a leisure activity, rather than a full-time endeavour this year.

My work is available for sale from my online shop, and the following venues:

The Zesty Lemon Restaurant
Sir Robert Stanford Estate

Queen Victoria Street
(next door to Graze)

1892 Spookhuis
Mosaic Private Sanctuary
Wortelgat Road

Websites for Artists

I have had more and more requests to build websites for other artists who like my website and minimalist design style, so I’ve decided to give more time to that this year and put myself out there as a web designer for artists and other creative entrepreneurs.

If you are an artist or creative considering having a website built, please visit my new website and get in touch with me:

And finally…

I am helping out more with our “family business” from now on, and learning the ins and outs of the creation of artisan leather goods, as well as taking the lead in marketing our two leather product brands. I invite you to take a look at the two websites below to see what we make in our leather craft workshop.

Inkomo Products

Nguni cowhide rugs, furniture & handbags

Plan Z

Hand stitched leather bags & accessories

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a busy but satisfying year!