Into The Shadows


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Into The Shadows is an intuitive art journey of discovery and self-love that you can take over five weeks or at your own pace at any time and in your own space. It is presented in a pdf format that you can download and print if you wish to.

The challenge consists of five prompts or questions to get you started.  You can make your art on a canvas, or in a journal or altered book, or on any other surface you would like to. Some prompts lend themselves to bigger pieces of art and others to journal pages.  Do whatever works for you.

The purpose of this challenge is to ask yourself some pertinent questions about where you are, who you are, and what’s really going on. This will give you some ideas for how to make meaningful change in your life.

You can apply this challenge to any soul searching that you may be undertaking at the moment, or just as an exercise in getting to know yourself better and giving yourself some creative TLC.

The USD price is $10.67 at today’s exchange rate.